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Lilac Life's Harlequin

She's a beautiful micro frenchie weighing in at 14.4 lbs, she's a Lilac and Tan, daughter of our Coco.

Harley is a Micro Frenchie... yep.. she is that little! She happiest when her human is dressing her up to hit the town and loves all the attention.


Micro lilac and tan french bulldog

Color: Lilac & Tan carries cream

Genetics: Em/e, d/d, At/at, co/co, no pied, no brindle


Mother:  Lilac Life's Coco

Father: Sugar Jay Dee (Call name: Capone )

Co owned with King County Exotic

Lilac Life's Izzy

We don't call this little mama "Busy Izzy" for nothing! Izzy is dynamite in a small package weighing in at 19 lbs! A perfectly proportioned girl with a great bone structure.

Izzy has given us some of the best puppies we have every produced at Lilac Life Frenchies.


Izzy throws beautiful testable chocolate carriers that will produce new shade of Isabella's for Lilac Life next generation of puppies.

 Lilac Sable Fawn french bulldog

Color: Lilac Sable Fawn

Carries: Em/em, d/d, Ay/at, co/co, no pied, no brindle


Puppies:  Currently not expecting puppies, but will be bred on her next cycle


Father: Don Daddy

Grandfather: Upside Down Clown

Mother: Lilac Life's Lola

Lilac Life's Layla

Layla is a gorgeous Blue Fawn that carries testable chocolate and cocoa so can produce new shade Isabella offspring.

Layla is the daughter of one of our beautiful foundation dogs, Izzy. Izzy was sired by Don Daddy and is the spitting image of her daddy in structure.

Layla is still filling out, but already shows the same amazing structure as her mother Izzy.

We can't wait to see the next level Isabella pups she produces when her time comes......

Blue fawn testable chocolate french bulldog

Color: Masked Blue Fawn that carries testable chocolate, cocoa, tan points, and pied.

Carries: EmEm, Bb, dd, NN, ayat, NS, N/co, InIn

Mother: Izzy


Father: Dinero (Owned by Motown Rudy")

Lilac Life's Papi Chula

Just like her amazing Father, Papi Chulo, and mother Kali Mist, she has that same happy spirit and love of playtime.

She was sired by our Papi Chulo and Kali Mist bringing the best of our program together. Papi Chula is a third generation in house production and exemplifies the breed standard in every way.

Papi Chula has a packed pedigree with 12 champions from around the world in one perfect little package.

Lilac and tan carries cream french bulldog

Color: Maskless Lilac and Tan that carries cream, she does not carry brindle or pied


Genetics: Ee, BB, dd, NN, atat, NN, coco

Mother: Lilac Life's Kali Mist

Father: Lilac Life's Papi Chulo

Lilac Life's Priceless

Introducing Priceless, and she is a Blue Trindle Visual Fluffy that carries cocoa, cream, tan points & solid.


Priceless will fly right off a deck and right into your heart. She has her daddy’s headpiece and her mommy’s loving nature.

Priceless will hold her own with the boys, but prefers to be decked in diamonds because she is Priceless!

Priceless can produce rainbow babies, including Platinum Fluffy.

Blue Fluffy french bulldog

Color: Blue Trindle Visual Fluffy that carries cocoa, cream, tan points & solid.


Genetics: Em/e dd K/N at/a N/co

Mother:  Tangie

Father: Yolo

Co owned with King County Exotic

Lilac Life's Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy is named after the most beloved dog I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life.

Roxy is a vary rare Lilac Irish Pied that we have been trying to produce for years and we could not be more thrilled with stunning color and absolutely gorgeous structure.

This gorgeous girl comes from Papi Chulo, our rare Lilac and Tan Irish pied stud.

We can't wait too see the future puppies Roxy produces in our program and have our fingers crossed she will pass the Irish Pied pattern too!

lilac irish pied french bulldog

Color: Lilac Irish Pied

Genetics: ay at, ky ky, BB, co


Grand Mother: Lilac Life's Coco

Father :Lilac Life's Papi Chulo

Lilac Life's Tilly Mae

Tilly Mae has 12 champions on her pedigree from all over the world, including Russia, Hungary, the UK, Canada and the USA.

Tilly brings the best of all nations to our program in one perfect package. Did we mention she’s a third Generation in-house lilac production?

Don’t let her country name fool you. This girl’s pedigree reads like the who’s who of Frenchies.

Tilly Mae

Color: Maskless Lilac and Tan that carries cream, no brindle, no pied.


Genetics: Ee dd at/at N/N N/N. co/co

Mother:  Lilac Life's Kali Mist


Father: Lilac Life's Papi Chulo

Papi Chula
Tilly Mae
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