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Papi Chulo

Color: Lilac and Tan Irish Pied, carries cream in a beautifully structured 22 lb frame.


Genetics: Em/E, d/d, co/co, at/at, no brindle,  carries pied


Service available shipped frozen or live no-contact.

Mother: Coco 


Father: Don Leroy

  • Coco is daughter of Juice, granddaughter of Gustav, son of Bolt.

  • Don Leroy's father is Don Blue, son of Don Chocolate, son of The Leroy.


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Papi Chulo's Pedigree

Our Stud Promise


  • Communicate professionally, clearly, and promptly during the service process

  • Provide a Stud Contract stating what is guaranteed

  • Provide receipt of funds received in writing

  • Provide available Frenchie DNA and health test upon request

  • Provide service as agreed to live, chilled, or frozen in a timely manner

  • Post your confirmation, delivery, and puppy photos on our social media if desired

  • Request rising progesterone of the female you own to determine the best time to inseminate

  • Provide whelping and sales advice upon request

  • Inform you if there is more than one female being serviced close to the time you require service

  • Offer frozen, when available, if multiples females rise concurrently

  • Prioritize in house breedings and provide stud service based on dates stud was secured

  • Provide tracking information as soon as semen is shipped

  • Provide return instructions for frozen container return

  • Provide semen analysis upon request

  • Provide proof of clear Brucellosis test dated within 6 months of service

  • Disclose any additional fees that arise during the process

  • Request dam DNA and health test

  • Approve females before accepting service request

  • Connect you with our veterinary reproductive team to discuss any questions you may have


  • Discuss studs outside of our program

  • Over work our studs

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