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About  your FluffyLilac Life Puppy

 All of our puppies arrive litter box trained. We want you to be able to enjoy new puppy while you continue their vaccinations and confine exposure until your puppy is fully protected and able to explore the big world.  All of our puppies come with a breeder health guarantee.  Lilac Life Frenchies are here to support you and your baby for their entire life.

Please know when you get a puppy from Lilac Life Frenchies you are getting a puppy that has been a part of our family. Our dogs are raised with our two children who enjoy lavishing affection on our babies, or in trusted guardian homes as part of their family. Our dogs and puppies are raised around friends & family who love them as a member of our family, because to us dogs are family,  not simply a pet.

We ask that all prospective homes fill out a puppy application. These puppies are a part of our family and we want to ensure you are properly prepared and ready for a puppy.  With information about a prospective home, we are able to help guide you on a successful path with your fur baby on your journey into puppy hood and beyond.

Fluffy french bulldog
isabella fluffy french bulldog

"Cupid" - Male Fluffy (LL) Blue Masked Fawn carries Solid, one copy Testable Chocolate, Cocoa, Brindle, 2 Pied (dd, EmEm, aya, Bb, N/co,K/N, SS)  Double Intensity, 1 copy dm on 4 panel, Born 2/14/22

Cupid 2_edited.jpg

"Scarlett" Female Fluffy (LL) Blue Masked Fawn Fawn carries tan points,one copy Cream, Testable Chocolate, Brindle, Pied (dd, Eme, ayat, Bb,KN, NS) Double Intensity, 4 panel clear, Born 2/14/22

Scarlett 2.jpg
Scarlett 1.jpg
Frizzle and Angelino.jpg

 Frizzle - Mom

Angelino - Dad

"Falcor" - Fluffy Cream Male carries Cocoa & Blue, two copies Tan points. No Brindle, No Pied.

Born 3/14/22

Ziggy 2.jpg
Ziggy 1.jpg
Butters 3.jpg


Fluffy Cream Male


Born 3/14/22

Butters 2.jpg
Butters 1.jpg
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