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Discover the Difference with Lilac Life  Products

Made with finest organic, natural & pure-plant derived ingredients to pamper your pup!
Each luxurious ingredient in our line was chosen specifically for small-batch formulation into premium products for our dogs.   We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We have luxury products for both our furry friends and the humans who love them.  Our canine line gently cleans the fur while promoting a soft and shiny coat. Essential oils and pure plant derived ingredients nourish and renew the skin, adds strength to the coat, act as a natural astringent & bactericide, and others are helpful for soothing or inflamed skin.

Products formulated for humans are made with the same care and ingredients are chosen to make premium hair and skin care products.    We urge you to indulge with us.

If you would like the CBD version of our products, please check out:
Lilac Life CBD

Our Products

We are currently offering Luxury Washing bars,  liquid Bath Wash, and Coat Spritz sprays to use between washings  for Dogs with Wrinkles.   Enjoy our Pre-Launch savings of 20% on 8 oz bottles and 4 oz bars  to celebrate. 

We are offering a Luxury Line of Bath Products for humans on Aug 22nd.

Washing Bars

Dog Wash

Coat Spritz

Wash Sets

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