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Lilac Life's Superb 8 oz Buttermilk + Honey Coat Spritz is formulated with Chamomile Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Almond Oil, Buttermilk Powder, Honeyquat (made from Honey), Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.


Refresh moisture-starved skin with Vitamin E and Buttermilk powder effectively smooths and hydrates skin. Honeyquat is added as a natural antiseptic, humectant, and antioxidant. Lavender refreshes the coat and Almond oil packs a dual punch with adding moisture to the skin, plus repeals many insects.


We used the finest and best ingredients to help dogs with Wrinkled Coats stay clean and refreshed with additives that include moisturizers, astringents, and butters to promote soft coats and skin care.


Designed for Dogs with Wrinkles. Coat Spritz is made SLS free, paraben free, DEA free, Non-GMO, and cruelty-free, and lusciously scented.

Buttermilk + Honey Coat Spritz

  • Liliac Life Superb Spritz for Wrinkled Dogs


    Each scent is balanced to work with a corresponding wash, and like our dog wash, can be mixed together to create a different scent or a spray that targets multiple coat and skin concerns.
  • Spritz into coat and brush the coat, or massage the spritz into the coat by hand.  Almond oil helps to deodorize between baths for a clean-smelling coat in seconds



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