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Lilac Life's Superb 4.5 oz Oatmeal + Honey Washing Bar for Dogs is formulated with Raw Ground Oatmeal, Natural Honey, Honeyquat (derived from natural honey), Saponified Buttermilk, and golden Jojoba Oil beads.


Combining time-released technology with ancient botanical extraction methods, we developed a luxurious shampoo bar that nourishes skin and coats.  Replenish moisture-starved skin with raw ground Oatmeal that effectively smooths and hydrates skin.  Natural Honey and Honeyquat (derived from honey), is added as a natural antiseptic, humectant, and antioxidant.  


Buttermilk adds a creamy quality to the lather as well as having wonderful moisturizing properties for fur and skin. Tiny golden Jojoba beads embedded into the soap burst during use adding extra hydration with fresh jojoba oil to lather into sensitive skin.  This soap is naturally lightly scented with Honey and Oatmeal and enhanced with a honey and oatmeal fragrance oil.


Oatmeal + Honey Washing Bar

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • Liliac Life Superb Dog Washing Bars


    All of our Washing Bars are a glycerin based, non-detergent products.  The bars are soft and we suggest you air the bar for a month before the first use, if possible.  


    To extend the life of your Washing Bar, keep it as dry as possible between uses.  If allowed to float in the bath, it will melt.

  • Wet dog's coat throughly. Lather onto wet coat, rinse with warm water and pat dry.


    Keep your Washing Bars in a dry, ventilated area when not in use. Oatmeal and non-detergent soaps are soft and if left in the water they will completely melt. 


    By keeping your Washing Bars dry and ventilated after use,  your bars will last far longer.

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