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Lilac Life's Superb 8 oz Carrot + Lemongrass Coat Spritz is formulated with Carrot Powder, Essential Lemongrass Oil, Natural Honey, Honeyquat (derived from natural Honey), and Vitamin E.


Carrot Powder made with steam extraction methods, provides a luxurious wash that invigorates the skin and promotes shine in coats.


Lemongrass adds that refreshing bright zip of lemon with notes of green and is a great astringent. Olive Oil makes the skin feel soft and moisturized.


Natural Honey and Honeyquat (derived from Honey), is added as a natural antiseptic, humectant, and antioxidant. Shea Butter hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Adding Vitamin E helps promote a healthy and shiny coat.


Designed for Dogs with Wrinkles. Coat Spritz is made SLS free, paraben free, DEA free, Non-GMO, and cruelty-free, and lusciously scented.

Carrot + Lemongrass Coat Spritz

  • Liliac Life Superb Coat Spritz for Wrinkled Dogs

    Each Coat Spritz is balanced to compliment a corresponding wash between baths.   Like our Dog Wash, Coat Spritzers can be mixed together to create a different scent or a spray to target coat or skin concerns.

    Each Spritz is balanced to work with a corresponding Wash, and like our Dog Wash, can be mixed together to create a different scent or a spray that targets multiple coat and skin concerns.

  • Spritz into coat and brush the coat, or massage the spritz into the coat by hand.  Almond oil helps to deodorize between baths for a clean-smelling coat in seconds .

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