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Lilac Life's Superb 8 oz Oatmeal + Honey Dog Wash is formulated with Natural Honey, Honeyquat (derived from natural honey), Saponified Buttermilk, Buttermilk powder, golden Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.


Using ancient botanical extraction methods, we developed a luxurious dog wash that replenishes moisture-starved skin, soothes skin, and promotes a vibrant shiny coat. 


Buttermilk powder adds another touch that effectively smooths and hydrates skin.  Saponified Buttermilk adds a creamy quality to the lather as well as having wonderful moisturizing properties for fur and skin.


Natural Honey and Honeyquat (derived from honey), is added as a natural antiseptic, humectant, and antioxidant.  Golden Jojoba oil integrated into the wash adds moisturizing jojoba oil to lather into sensitive skin to add extra hydration. This Dog Wash is naturally scented with natural Honey and Buttermilk powder and as such, very lightly scented.


All of our Superb Dog Washes are made Sulfate Free & Paraben Free. Our Washes are saponified with Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Oil to moisturize dry skin.


Buttermilk + Honey Dog Wash

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
  • Lilac Life Superb Dog Wash


    Our dog washes are formulated so they can be combined to create a focused wash for your best fur friend.


    As an example, you seek the astringent quality of Lemon and the promotion of a shiny coat from Carrot Powder, simply blend Lemon + Mint Tea Wash with Carrot + Lemongrass Wash to meet the needs of your dog's coat and skin.


  • Wet dog's coat throughly. Lather onto wet coat, rinse with warm water and pat dry.


    In about an hour, snuggle your clean, sweet-smelling best friend.


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