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Award Winning Genetics

Lilac fluffy stud
French bulldog puppy
Frizzle 1.jpg

Available & Upcoming Puppies

  1. Priceless X Prince Puffy puppies were born Jan 14.  - 6 gorgeous Lilac and Blue visual fluffies, 3 boys 3 girls. Pending Dna for tan points and cream carriers.  

  2. Due Valentine’s Day 2022!!!!  Blue Moon x Salty will produce visual fluffies that ALL carry testable chocolate/Rojo!  They will be blue brindle, blue fawn, blue brindle pied, and blue fawn pied. All will carry tan points, some will carry cocoa, and cream.  Half should be new shade tan pointed fluffy makers……yeeee!!!!

  3. Harlequin 13 lbs x Tot 10 lbs: The smallest micros we have ever produced
    and they are ALL cream!  Born 5/7/22, 4 girls 1 boy and they are ah-mazing! Pending DNA to determine adoption fee and our keepers....

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